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5 Exclusive Tips To Drive Like A Pro

March 6th, 2018

When it comes to have an unadulterated feeling of being powerful and enjoy a controlling position, there is seldom anything better than driving your own car. For learning the basics or the finer details of driving technique, you must get enrolled in the best driving school in Auckland. However, best driving is not made in schools but on roads. There are a number of subtle driving nuances which you must know to drive like a pro. But you cannot always expect to be taught about these informal driving schools or not even in the best driving school in Auckland.

Secret Driving Tips That Every New And Learning Drivers Must Know

If you have waited for a long time to get into a driving school then getting enrolled in the best driving school in Auckland must be a delightful experience. However, there are a few important driving ticks that you might not learn in a formal institution for driving. Here are some of the most important driving tips that every new driver must know about.

  • Check your mirrors: You must pay attention to even the smallest of details like checking your mirrors. Carefully adjust your car mirrors to have a blind spot on your side-view mirrors.
  • Feel the wheels: Often we encounter smaller or minor accidents because we cannot feel the wheels. So practice with an unused plastic bottle for perfection. Practice to drive over a plastic bottle by your right and left front wheels. Keep the windows open to listen to the sound of the bottle and drive accordingly.
  • Allow your windows and mirror to guide you for parking: While parking your may ram into some other car and cause dent or scratch on your vehicle body. However, that is never desirable. So check your alignment with the mirror and windows. It helps you to determine the position of your car for parking.
  • Check taller vehicles in front of you: Usually you check on the immediate vehicle in front of you, on road. That’s fine and obvious but you must also keep an eye on the taller vehicles in front of you and follow their directions. It is so because those taller vehicles can have a better view and is a suitable example to follow.
  • Stay away from puddles: Often it is difficult to avoid a water-clogged area; we have to drive through it. When doing so ensure that you drive slowly. If you drive at a higher speed, then water may seep into the ignition system and damage the engine. So even if you are late, drive slowly.

If you love the idea of driving your own car then find the best driving school in Auckland and sign up for the best of courses. Whatever you do, you must make a start.

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