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Valued lessons from the best driving school in Auckland

We are one of the professional driving schools, located in Auckland. Over the years it has been a prowess to have delivered top notch services which have been liked by all our students. Our proven track record and valued professionalism have allowed us to become one of the premier service providers in this location.

It is not really a task of ease to become one of the leading names when it comes to providing affordable driving. But all we can say is, we are really thankful to all our professionals working with us.
They do have years of experience under their kitty and are ready to take up stiff challenges as and when is required. All our instructors are certified and are aware of making you understand the trades and tricks very easily. We are duty bound towards making you a professional driver. More importantly, we try and build up a positive amity with all our students so that we remain at the helm and continue to become the best driving school in Auckland.

Our professional driving lessons– As a professional unit, we understand how and when to unleash our lessons. It is very important that the particular candidate understands each and every lesson with ease. We are here to impart simulated test and have thorough lessons for the class 2 users. Firstly we make sure that the particular candidate should grab in details about the theoretical approaches. At the next step, he or she is imparted with the practical lessons. We are here to educate him all the driving lessons that would be helping him to drive the car easily while he hits the road.

A driving lesson will start at the students home address. We arrange pick-up and drop off

New Drivers / restricted / full licence

We understand how intimidating driving for the first time can be. We let applicants work at their own pace and slowly get them comfortable with driving. There is no rush and we teach applicants in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Simulated test / pre-test lesson

We have instructors who are ex-testing officers so we can provide accurate assessments and prepare you for your drivers licence test. A simulated driving test will show you which areas you need to work on and how a test is conducted. You will be marked and tested as if it were a real test.

Class 2

We also have lessons for class 2 users and we have experienced instructors who know how to handle larger vehicles and can teach safely.

Overseas Conversion

Do you have an international licence? We have specialized lessons to introduce new drivers to NZ road rules. We can plan special routes to let you learn and adapt to NZ driving

Theory Preparation

We provide lessons for theory tests. We can help you learn the NZ road rules.

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