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Because of naalas driving school i was able to pass my restricted test. Kiran is a wonderful teacher. She teaches everything so smoothly and nicely. I am glad i chose naalas driving school to learn driving.


Thank you Kiran for everything you did to help me learn and improve my driving skills and helping me build my confident and pass my Restricted and Full Licence. I will surly encourage and spread the word and recommend you to my family friends and others. You were Very friendly kind, helpful woman. Thank you very much.

David Ting

I was very reassured by Kiran. She is patient but firm, and she is always alert. I felt very comfortable and safe driving with her. She gives clear instructions and guidance. Thanks, Kiran!


Kiran is a fantastic teacher. She is really patient and gives you great advice on how to pass your test.

Anjana Singh

"Kiran is a brilliant instructor". I gained lot of confidence and driving techniques from her. She has lot of patient and zeal to teach you. Within few classes she made me perfect and I passed my Full driving test. Big Thank you from my daughter, she wanted to hand over the "Thank you card" she made on her own personally to kiran but she missed as we left while she was sleeping. She was very disappointed but very excited to say thanks online. In short she is excellent instructor.

Anjana Singh

Kiran is a brilliant and excellent teacher, she is very sharp to catch your weak points. She instruct you to do more self practice than taking more classes from her. I gained lot of confidence in my driving and passed my test without any difficulty. I would highly recommend and give her A+++++. Today I am in Australia driving without any difficulty. My daughter wants to say big thank you to her as she always wanted me to drive her to school and I am thankful to her as its because of her classes I start my day with my daughters big thank you(smile) and hug when I drop her to school every morning." What a fantastic start of the day".


When I started taking driving lessons from Kiran I was not very confident and was a bit nervous. But today I am not only confident, but also a safe and better driver than I was before. Kiran is truly a great teacher who encourages you to overcome your weaknesses. Thank you Kiran.


I did not know much about how to drive on New Zealand roads. Kiran was very patient and was an excellent teacher and guide all through my way towards having a driver's licence here. Thanks!


Kiran is an amazing teacher! The fact that I sit comfortably behind the wheel of a car is thanks to her. I was so scared before but the very first day of lesson with her..I couldn't believe how easy it was to drive and how comfortable and confident I felt. She really knows how to teach people and get rid of their fears and inhibitions. I sat for my restricted recently and passed..ALL thanks to her. I would recommend her to everyone and anyone wanting to learn. She's really an amazing teacher! Thank you so much Kiran!


Kiran is a wonderful driving instructor and I am so grateful to you, who have helped me get my driving licence. I used to have an hour driving lesson per week and I enjoyed every second of it. You listened and encouraged me. You created an environment of eagerness for learning and growing. Thank you Kiran.


Kiran is an awesome driving teacher, she is calm and patient. She has taught me how to be safe on the roads. She has given me the confidence to drive and given me a lot of praises. I would highly recommend Kiran to people in search of a driving teacher. Thank you so much.


Kiran ji is great instructor, I was never behind a wheel when I started taking my lessons with her. She taught me to drive so effortlessly and cautiously as well. I want to say a big Thank you to her for teaching me an essential life skill. Her patience, style of teaching is the best.


As a beginner driver, I was very nervous behind the wheel. With Kiran's support I have become a more competent driver. She knows how to develop her student's skills as well as confidence. The fact that I am located in the city center was not an issue, and that is fantastic. Such great rates too! Thank you so much for supporting me towards getting my license. Hope to see you again soon...when I go for my full!


Kiren was an amazing teacher. Always kept calm and was very patient. She has a keen eye for mistakes and gives you instant feedback on how to improve your driving. With her help and motivation I was able to develop good habits and become a safe and confident driver. Couldn't have passed without her!


Very patient, calm and encouraging instructor. Indeed highly recommended. She taught me really well with constructive criticism and also allowed me to learn and see my mistakes on my own and provided appropriate corrections. All these for a very affordable price. And I passed my restricted in 1 take woo! Give it at try!

shivali – customer

kiran is a amazing driving instructor, she always keeps calm and patient, she is a very supportive person she knows how to build her customers confidence, she taught me quite a few things which were really helpful. I absolutely love the way she speaks and demonstrates each point. I would definitely recommend people to kiran who are in search of a driving instructor. Thank you so much.

Adrienne and Shardae – New Lynn – First time driver

Hi Karin, just wanted to say how much my daughter enjoyed her first driving lesson with you. You are encouraging and a fantastic teacher. We will be in touch soon for more lessons. Can't wait!

Sammy – High school student

Hi kiran i just wanted to say that you are a really great teacher, you were so patient with me and really encouraging even though i can say with confidence that it seemed as though there was no hope for me. You believed in me and didn't give up hope so for that i want to say a big thanks and best of luck for the future.


excellent instructor,,friendly driving school who are committed to giving quality driving lessons. HIGHLY RECOMENDED,,,, THANKS A LOT KIRAN


Kiran is very patient, friendly and encouraging instructor. She is cooperative too (always adjusted my lessons time to my busy schedule. Thanks Kiran). I would recommend her for all, especially to slow learners like me.


Kiran is an excellent teacher, she was more confident in my driving than i was and told me not to waste anymore money (how many people say that??) i passed my restricted thanks to her. The test man took me on all the roads she took me down (she knows the areas well) So there was no surprises. I highly recommend her to anyone AND EVERYONE!

Jacqueline Louisa

Choosing Naala's Driving School to teach me to drive was a brilliant choice. I had lessons previously with other well-known driving schools and felt that I was just 'another student' but with Kiran (my instructor), I was treated like an individual. Kiran?s lessons were excellent! Well-structured, very good fun but most of all she left each one feeling like you were one step closer to passing your test and being a driver. I have a very busy working life and the flexibility of times available for lessons was fantastic! Most important of all, when I passed my test I knew that I was ready to drive on my own. I wasn?t just taught to pass my test by Kiran but also to be a good and safe driver! I would (and will) recommend Kiran and Naala's Driving School to anybody that is looking to learn to drive."

Rohini Paul

Kiran is very patient and also very alert . She is the one who found that I have the driving skills but I lack confidence in my driving. She worked towards that goal and encouraged me vey much. That led me toward my victory.


Kiran is very patient and focused. I tried 3 different instructors before her but no other instructor gave me the confidence or prepared me for the test as much as Kiran did. I passed my full drivers license test. (Thanks a lot Kiran 🙂 )


Simply Brilliant is the name for Kiran, instructor at Naala's Driving School. She is good at teaching and has patience in abundance. Her teaching methods include, driving, safety measures, confidence gaining and a lot more. Not overlooking anything as simple things in terms of driving. (normally not taught by most driving instructors). She ensures you get a complete knowledge of driving safely. Her way in teaching is not the normal professional type, giving a true picture of how much the student needs to learn & concentrate, orienting her students to see the mistakes and abilities encouraging the student. In her pleasant way of teaching, she does not make one feel uneasy, but inspires one to put in more effort of their own in which again, she s her 100% to support. She ensures that her teaching is oriented to suit the student, with regard to time, money, values and profession. Her sincerity in work has gained a lot of my regard for her. Thank you Kiran!


Kiran is a very patient , encouraging driving instructor . She makes you feel relaxed and also confident.She makes the whole process of learning to drive enjoyable and also gets across and the required insights and skills for driving Thanks to you Kiran .


Thanks Kiran for being such a great teacher i have learnt a lot from her and am glad she helped me to take my fear out for driving. She's the best and i would highly recommend my freinds and families to join her classes and get the best out of it. If only i passed my test, she is the reason behind it for being so encouraging and helping in gaining confidence in my ownself.


kiran is the best instructor for driving and I am a living proof of this. I never thought I will every drive but Kiran's great skills and strategies gave me the confidence and the motivation to drive! With few lessons I was able to drive confidently ! Her level of patience is extremely commendable ! Every lesson I took from her was worth it as she always shared a strategy that has made me a safe and confident driver. Thanks a lot Kiran!!


Kiran is a fantastic teacher! I've only drived twice before in my life, and after taking about 18 classes with Kiran, I passed my restricted test, consider the fact that I can only drive with her because I don't have a vehicle myself. She is a very very experienced driver, and most importantly a very good teacher. She teachers you so well and truly develop your confidence in driving. She knows the test area very well. The best driving teacher ever:) Thank you so much Kiran:)

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