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Reliable & Affordable Driving School in Auckland

For us, it’s not enough that our students just ‘pass’ their tests, we want them to become great drivers and understand the road code. We started in 2008 and our goal was to help equip students with the tools to become safe drivers and build confidence. We also teach efficiently so that students can learn quicker and save money. We belive that our feedback speaks for it self.

  • Fully qualified instructors (female and male instructors)
  • Male instructor is an ex-testing officer from NZTA with over 5 years experience
  • Female instructor has over 8 years of expeirence as a driving instructor in Auckland
  • Vehicles equipped with dual-controls
  • A friendly and relaxed environment
  • Pick-up and drop off

We recognise that everyone’s journey is different. Whatever stage of the licensing process you are at; let us lend a hand so that you become a great and safe driver.

Naalas Driving School provides a wide array of training options from driving instruction, through to professional driver training. We have a wealth of knowledge and proficiency, and we pride ourselves on the excellence, efficiency and dedication of our driving instructors.

The majority of schools focus on generating profit and stretching the driving sessions for excessively long times and often you don’t learn anything. We are not like those schools and instead we try to teach efficiently and offer as much information as possible within each lesson. We allow you to practice in the given time with a dual control car to help prepare you for real conditions. We help you understand the Road Code while you drive so you can apply it to practice.

Why Us?

With just 1 lesson we promise you will be convinced. Visit our school and see how we focus on every detail which makes you learn rapidly. We help people pass driving exams with ease. We are known for our specially designed training modules that help our trainees to grasp everything speedily. You will see why all of our students consider us the best Driving School in Auckland

  • Learn driving with realistic lessons in Auckland
  • Our trained and fully dedicated instructor will guide you regarding New Zealand Road Code
  • We offer competitive rates and we are considered to be the top intensive driving school in Papakura
  • Book your driving lessons with us and get your driving license guaranteed

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